Summer and Lachlan’s Pine Forest Engagement Shoot on the Sunshine Coast

There had been (what seemed to be) endless rain for about two months before we could safely say it was going to be a fine, sunny afternoon. We rescheduled quite a few times and I had an overseas trip in there too… you know how life is sometimes… and you know how the weather on the Sunshine Coast can be. But finally, we were able to meet at Wild Horse Mountain in the pine forest for Summer and Lachlan’s really sweet Engagement session. I love how peaceful it is there. Even though the Bruce Highway is just through the trees, I can’t remember ever hearing the traffic noises.

There’s so much more to people than what first meets the eye, as I found out. I had some serious “awww” moments as I read Summer and Lachlan’s Q&A responses. I love their story! Read on below the gallery to see how Lachlan proposed!

Bride Name: Summer

Groom Name: Lachlan

Date of your official engagement: 1st December 2017

Wedding Date: 7th July 2018

How did you two meet?

We met when we were younger at church as I was constantly moving in and out of the area. So, we never actually spoke until my family moved into the area to stay. At church dances I was constantly asking Lachlan to dance because he was so shy and would sit in the corners. Then finally at one dance I was trying to convince him to ask a girl to dance but instead he asked me and that was the beginning.

Can you share a great moment you have had together during your engagement?

Throughout our engagement we have been planning and have even started on building a small house for ourselves. It has had its challenges, but it has also helped our relationship develop and become stronger than it ever could, without taking a step like this in our lives. It is also super exciting to be building a home that will soon be filled with our memories and love for one another.

The big proposal?

For months I knew he was planning to propose to me; however, no matter how much I pestered him to know when, he patiently and lovingly told me that it would happen soon. It was coming up to our first-year anniversary and knowing that he is a bit of a romantic I did wonder if he would ask me then. Begrudgingly though, it just so happened that my work party was on our anniversary and because of that, I disappointedly ruled out any hope of it being on that night. However, my suspicion was raised again when my mum kept asking what Lachlan and I were planning to do after the work party. Lachlan would smile, look at me and reply “I’m not too sure” completely calmly and collected (although I bet 100% he wasn’t calm at all). As the evening proceeded it was time to leave the party and head on home. However, as soon as I got in the car a blindfold was placed over my eyes. Excitedly I wondered where we were going and kept asking “are we there yet?”. At last we arrived at our destination, I was guided out of the car and onto the back of his ute. Finally, the blindfold was taken off and all I could see was a blanket, candles, a giant box and the view of mountains, sparkling stars, a big bright moon and Lachlan sitting by my side. I was a little taken back that he had remembered the spot where we first decided to be together. He then turned to face me and handed me the giant box. Curiously, I opened the box to reveal a teddy bear that was dressed up as bride and if that wasn’t a big enough hint, then his next gesture would be. Revealing a small white box, he slowly knelt down, gently said my name and asked if I would be his forever.

How did you know he/she was right for you?

Lachlan: Summer is an amazing woman and she pushes me to overcome my comfort zones but is still respectful of space and accepts me for me. I love that we share the same sense of humour as I worried that I wouldn’t find someone that did. I love how playful we are together and can smile often with one another. She brings the best out in me.

Summer: I knew that Lachlan was right for because it is different being with him and he does things for me that I never even knew I needed help with. He brings out the best in me and helps me to improve myself and encourages me by example to be the best version of myself that I can be.

How long have you been together?

We started dating on 1/12/17 ;so we have been dating for 1 year, 5 months and 30 days.

How did you coordinate or decide on the outfits you used in the photographs?

With Johanne’s help she pointed out some key points for outfits and encouraged me to do a little research on coordinating

Funny or memorable moments during your engagement session?

The most memorable moment would be the piggyback ride as this is something we often do when we are being playful.

How was your engagement session experience?

At first we were both felt uncomfortable; however, with Jo’s help we felt comfortable and safe which helped us to relax and enjoy the photoshoot. Jo was so easy, creative and so lovely and genuine and a complete pleasure to talk to and work with.

One piece of advice you would give to other couples for their session? 

It is going to be a little awkward at first but you will be fine and just focus on your partner because it is all about capturing your love.

What were you most anxious or nervous about prior to the session and what was the outcome?

I think we both felt that we weren’t going to have any decent photos or weren’t going to be photogenic!

Location! What locations did you choose for the session and why?

Lachlan and I chose the forest location close to the Sunshine Coast as it both captured out attention and we felt strongly that it was the best place to be.

Sunshine Coast Engagement Photographer – Sunshine Coast Portrait Photographer – Sunshine Coast Pine Forest Engagement – Wild Horse Mountain.

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