A Short Story about a Girl


Hey there, you’ve clicked on this page because you’d like to know a little more about me. Here goes…


I grew up in Toowoomba, Qld among five brothers, one sister and my loving parents, and a stray cat. Life was busy for my mother, who did all the housework and made home run smoothly for the nine of us. The picture is pre last child being born, I’m the one sitting on mother’s lap. I loved having a big family – it was never boring and Christmases were fabulous, even if we didn’t get big ticket items. We learned not to ask for them and I think it helped us to appreciate when we did have an abundance, and helped me to budget wisely.

I mention my big family because it is probably the founding reason I had five children myself! So much love to go around and always a friend to play with.

When I graduated from high school, I wasn’t one of the few who took the years’ break from study. Looking back, I wish I had. Maybe I would be where I am now in the world of photography a lot sooner. No, I went straight on to University and after three years, had a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies and Journalism.

I learned a lot. Grew up a lot. And will always appreciate the time I spent doing that. But ultimately, it wasn’t my passion. It took three years of University to discover that I didn’t really want to do that for a living. Oh, well… I still have skills that I use from my degree and what a great experience!

I found my passion in the pages of glossy magazines. I loved how the camera made people and food and places look so inviting, so warm and… inspiring. I loved the out-of-focus edges, the light and shade, unusual angles, vibrant colour and the wedding scenes… ahh, beautiful whites and blacks in garden green backgrounds and reception mood lighting. I wanted to do that! I wanted to find the moods, the faces and happy scenes that would make myself and others smile when they looked at the pictures.

On another level, I used to love looking through my mother’s metal tins of photographs. I just loved it. I saw in those tins the story of my parents lives. The stories of my childhood, of life in my family before I arrived. The great fashions we wore, and how in such a short time, between my grandparents’ time and then my parents hey day and then to my own teenage years – an expanse of about 50 years, the fashions changed so much. We would ahh, and giggle, and smile.Photo Tins

There were pictures of all the times we went to the beach, on long trips to Adelaide, and birthdays, formals, church functions, weddings, friends – all the things we never want to forget.

I loved the stories the pictures told. I wanted to keep taking snapshots of our lives, so my kids and grand kids would be able to enjoy picture stories as much as I did (and still do).

It wasn’t until 1999, when the man who would become my husband, introduced me to his film SLR camera, that I was able to start on this great creative path. More than fifteen years of marriage and five children later, here I am. Who would have thought? Yes, I could have been here faster if I had discovered my passion earlier. But, this is how it turned out, and I am loving it.


I am basically a self-taught photographer, with the help of friends, manuals and the world wide web, which often has me caught for hours. I completed a short course at TAFE dealing with the creative side and Darkroom techniques, which have since been replaced with digital files and Photoshop – both have pros and cons. I have no desire to go back to film – I like to be able to click as many times as needed and not wonder if I got a shot with everyone’s eyes open.

My Gear

I edit in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Every single photo I give to you has been edited. Sometimes a photo can take 20 seconds to edit. Sometimes it’s hours when a “head-swap” or three, and skin retouching need doing. It’s all in the service and what makes a photo stand out.

I shoot with two Canon 5DmkII’s and a few lenses: Canon 50mm prime, and from Canon’s L-series range: 24 -70mm, 70-200mm, 100mm macro, and occasionally 24-105mm. I have two Speedlite flashes, and a reflector. There are a few other lenses I’d like to aquire for sure. Being a natural light photographer, I love to shoot outdoors, but there is also a need to use flash when it gets dark or when things are brought inside – like at Receptions.

If you’d like to ask any other questions about me or my gear or advice on equipment etc, please shoot me an email, or message me on my Facebook page – just use the FB link to be taken right there.

Love and Photo Tins,

Johanne Rose.

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