Leadbetter Wedding

Courtney and Josh first met on the school bus. They never noticed each other until one day in grade nine, after Courtney had spent hours straightening her hair, Josh was the only guy who complimented her. From that day forward, they never missed an afternoon catching the bus – to the point where everyone knew which was ‘their’ seat.

Most of Courtney and Josh’s big moments happened at school. One time Josh said he hoped one day he would, “Marry someone like you”. Their first kiss happened two years later outside the school tuck-shop! Josh joined the army in Canberra and while it was a long distance relationship, he would still surprise Courtney with romantic gestures – like one unexpected leave day saw him jump in the car and drive 15 hours just to see her!

In 2014, they broke up, sadly, but spent the next three years growing and maturing.

Earlier in 2017, Courtney was on a long road trip and decided to Facebook stalk Josh. While contemplating whether or not to send him a friend request, the car hit a bump in the road and she accidentally hit the button. Before she could retract the invitation, her phone lost service and it was too late! It only takes a bump in the road to bring two people back together. Nawww.

Not too many months later, Josh took Courtney to her favourite beach, amidst warnings of thunderstorms, and under an umbrella wrapped in fairy lights, he promised that nothing, not even the pouring rain could stop him making her his wife for eternity!

It is no wonder why, even though their wedding day was in the middle of Summer rains, they were all smiles! Courtney didn’t even bat an eyelid to my asking about going out in the rain for photos. Dream bride! We went back to the school where it all began….and we found the bus! I admit, I hadn’t been there before and didn’t know if we would be able to find good spots for photos. But, well, you can see, even a school can be prettied up by a gorgeous couple in a wedding dress and a handsome suit.

Congratulations Courtney and Josh! It was just the right time.

Associate Photographer: Sarah Williams

Hair and MU: Elegance by Taylor and Emma

Flowers: Sue-anne Vincent Baines

Wedding Cake: Clarissa Charlotte Arkins

Catering: Vanteen Catering

Hall Decor: Marcia Francis Tramacchi and Tania Cheyne

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