Craig and Olivia Engagement

He told her to be ready for a date to watch the sunrise at 4am. A little bit excited, Liv got up much earlier than usual and drove over to Craig’s house. She expected him to be there waiting for her, but Liv found herself tapping at his bedroom window at that unearthly hour, “Craig! Get up!”.

Little did Liv know, this would be the day Craig proposed.

It started as just being friends and over a long time, they really started noticing each other. “Something changed,” said Liv. Something wonderful came out of a strong friendship – the best kind of wonderful, that leads to love and a life together.

Liv and Craig chose a beautiful pine forest for the backdrop of their Engagement session – which excited me to no end. I have not shot an Engagement session in a forest before and always wanted to. There’s something about the lines of trees and light coming through. We didn’t find the nettle-coated ground I was looking for, but the grass here was so lush and worked beautifully. No sign of snakes (whew!), but we were nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes! Congratulations Craig and Olivia, you beautiful people! Looking forward to catching your wedding in a few months!

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