Boaden Wedding

David and Shimiko were married on what seemed the hottest day in December 2017! But oh, what a gorgeously sunny day. These beautiful people met in the Marshall Islands, and fast became friends – well, there is something about Shimiko…

Leadbetter Wedding

Courtney and Josh first met on the school bus. They never noticed each other until one day in grade nine, after Courtney had spent hours straightening her hair, Josh was the only guy who complimented her. From that day forward,…

Parrish Wedding

We love our LDS Temple Weddings! Craig and Olivia were married in the Brisbane Temple and chose the Brisbane Powerhouse for their Bridal party location shots – and my, didn’t they work out beautifully! Such great backdrops for wedding photos….

Nathan and Lauren

I’m a little embarrassed to say, but there were kisses that day that made even me swoon! And talk about luck – as we drove from Brisbane to our second location in the pine plantation, we chased the rain, and…

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