2017 Formal at Kawana Waters

To a year 12er, the end of a year means the end of exams, the end of uniforms and teachers, the end of school, the end of an era.

It’s the end of life as they know it. I mean, since they were 4 or 5 years old, all these students have known is school every week day and then holidays. They have been stressed with assignments and studying for exams for 12 years! So, when the end of it all comes around, I imagine there are lots of mixed feelings. Mostly, they are feelings of achievement and release and freedom.

I’m so happy for these kids! I think they really deserve a great send off into the great, wide world. Their Formal is something they won’t forget. It is a big deal. Huge! They get to dress up and look better than they ever have in their lives and swish around a bit. They get to say farewells to teachers who have become their friends. They get to celebrate with people, whom, let’s face it, they may never see again. Yes, that is something they think about.

They get to celebrate before they head out to pursue university study and go on to careers and adult life. It is daunting and so exciting at the same time.

But for this one night, they come together looking absolutely stunning and make memories, never to forget.

Burnside State High School had their Formal in November 2018 at Lake Kawana Community Centre. And this was a big deal for me, because my own year 12er was there! She looked and felt beautiful – I could tell because she didn’t stop smiling until the end of the night, when she hugged her friends and the tears started. Such a bitter sweet time.

All I can say is: cherish the good times, learn from the mistakes and follow your dreams. Fly, little bird. (But not too far away from me!)

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